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Dec 01

Reading Reflection 15: Favorite Reading

What was your favorite reading this quarter and why?

Nov 28

Reading Reflection 14: Community-Based Research

By Tuesday at 1:30….here are some options for things on which you might reflect…. What do you see as the primary differences between community-based research and other types of service learning? What kinds of community-based research projects might you be interested in doing with your current service learning sites? What kind of community-based research is …

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Nov 16

Reading Reflection 13: O for the P

By Thursday at 1:30…. “What PIH-ers should take from Paul wasn’t a manual for their lives but the proofs he’d created that seemingly intractable problems could be solved.” (p. 244) How do you think this quote represents (or doesn’t) the mood at PIH?  How does it apply (or not) to your life?

Nov 13

Reading Reflection 12: Medicos Adventuros & A light month of travel

By Tuesday at 1:30, talk a little about the people who support service leaders?  Who supports Farmer and how? How are their contributions important? How are they different from his?  What about the people who support you in your life?  What about those you support.

Nov 02

Reading Reflection 11: The Tin Roofs of Cange

By Thursday at 1:30…. Describe Liberation Theology and Farmer’s understanding of it as a guide for his work. How does this relate to your own interests or career plans?

Oct 30

Reading Reflection Ten: Dokte Paul

By Tuesday at 1:30…..Paul Farmer finds ways of connecting with people whose backgrounds are vastly different from his own. How does he do this? Are his methods something to which we can all aspire?

Oct 26

Reading Reflection Nine: International and Cross-cultural service learning

Here are some potential questions to answer related to this week’s reading (as usual…. by 1:30PM Thursday). Remember that the best answers draw from both the reading and your own personal experiences: What specific issues related to immigration, migration, and our close proximity to Mexico might service learners in Southern California face? How can you …

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Oct 22

Reading Reflection Eight: Access to Education

By Tuesday at 1:30, post a comment addressing issues related to high-poverty schools, access to education, and the achievement gap. For example, why do you think there are such large disparities between school achievement in high and low poverty neighborhoods?  What can be done to address these issues?  Do teacher incentives to bring high quality …

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Oct 17

Reading Reflection Seven: Environment and Sustainability

By Thursday at 1:30, answer one of these questions… or something else you like related to this reading: (1) What connections do you see between social justice and environmentalism? (2) How do you view the idea of virtue ethics in your own life? (3) How can you “integrate ethics, policy and action” in concern for …

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Oct 15

Reading Reflection Six: youth and elections

Some things you might use to reflect this week: How do the roles of youth in Albania and Lok Sabha compare to those in the US? Given how many policies created today will have greater and longer-term impact on the youth, why do you think so few vote compared to older generations? What will you …

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